Indiana University Libraries Digital Projects & Services

This web site, which provides information about digital projects and services of the Indiana University Libraries and former IU Digital Library Program, is currently in transition. Over time, much of the content on this site will be migrated to the IU Bloomington Libraries web site.

Indiana University Libraries Digital Projects & Services

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About Us

Partnership Guidelines

We work with a variety of partners, including faculty, librarians and other departments and instutitions within the IU community, as well as state- and nationwide. We offer digitization and consulting services, along with more traditional partnerships in digital collection and software development. Please see our Services page for more information.

Interested in Partnering?

Please read our Selection Guidelines to see if we might be a good fit for your project. Also, to ensure a successful partnership, please consider the following factors:

  • The collection: Is it of interest to a significant audience? Will digitization increase use and/or preserve the original collection? Is there metadata available for the collection?
  • Intended audience: Can your digitized collection be made available on the open web, or as a research and teaching resource to the University community?
  • What you can contribute: Do you have available personnel, funding, domain expertise, or technical know-how that you can contribute to the project?
  • Timing - Is there enough time before the collection or proposal must be complete for us to develop a detailed technical plan?