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This web site, which provides information about digital projects and services of the Indiana University Libraries and former IU Digital Library Program, is currently in transition. Over time, much of the content on this site will be migrated to the IU Bloomington Libraries web site.

Indiana University Libraries Digital Projects & Services

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Strategic Plan: Last Updated, August 2005 (PDF, 64 KB)

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Mission Statement

The Indiana University Digital Library Program (DLP) is dedicated to the production, maintenance, delivery, and preservation of a wide range of high-quality networked information resources for scholars and students at Indiana University and elsewhere. The program supports efforts to provide open access to electronic information resources to the Indiana University community and beyond. The Digital Library Program is a collaborative effort of the Indiana University Libraries, the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology, and the university research faculty with leadership from the School of Library and Information Science and the School of Informatics. This collaboration capitalizes on the institutional capabilities of this university, focusing university resources on digital library services and projects that support the teaching and research of IU faculty, support the learning and research of IU students, and foster research about the digital library.

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Program Purpose

The Digital Library Program produces, maintains, delivers, and preserves networked resources for scholars and students at Indiana University and elsewhere in order to improve the teaching and research of IU faculty, improve the learning and research of IU students, and increase knowledge about the development of digital libraries.

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Benefits of the Program

The overarching benefit for the students, faculty, and staff of Indiana University will be access to an ever-widening range of digital library resources and services, including full-text online databases, faculty research, classroom materials, multimedia digital resources, electronic journals, and digital libraries from all over the world.

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  1. To increase the number and range of digital resources available for faculty and students;
  2. To offer digital library services and supporting technologies that are sustainable, scaleable, compatible with the university's technology infrastructure, and interoperable with national and international digital library initiatives;
  3. To promote and support the scholarly use of digital content and networked information resources by students and faculty at IU;
  4. To digitize and offer network access to unique and rare collections of materials from the libraries, museums, and archives of Indiana University;
  5. To discover and promote currently available digital technologies that can revitalize and enhance research, teaching, and learning;
  6. To address key research questions that balance the importance of user, content, and systems issues in digital library development;
  7. To conduct a program of research to advance the state of knowledge and practice in digital libraries, and the social, organizational, technological, and human factors involving the uses and users of digital libraries;
  8. To collaborate with Indiana University faculty in the development of digital library systems, standards, and content;
  9. To collaborate with colleagues at other colleges, universities, and research libraries, nationally and internationally in the development of an inter-institutional and international federation of distributed digital libraries;
  10. To establish a national and international reputation for developing a premier digital library at Indiana University.

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The Digital Library Program encompasses all campuses of Indiana University. The program is directed through the steering committee comprised of four partners, the Libraries, University Information Technology Services (UITS), the School of Library and Information Science (SLIS), and the School of Informatics (SI). The current Administrative Team includes librarians, staff and information technologists from the Bloomington and Indianapolis Libraries and UITS.

The DLP includes two sub-units, the Digital Media and Imaging Center (DMIC) and the Electronic Text Digitization Center (ETDC), that provide consultation and digitization services. The DMIC digitizes a variety of image, audio, and video formats to support DLP projects and the IU Libraries. The DMIC also provides consultation services to IU departments and individuals with questions regarding digitization. ETDC provides support and consultation services in the areas of humanities computing, electronic text development, and eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and related technologies.

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The Digital Library Program serves several audiences in addition to the students, faculty, and staff of Indiana University and citizens of Indiana. It serves and participates in the digital library community worldwide, through project partnerships and contributions to digital library research. It serves users worldwide who access our resources and benefit from our work. The outcomes of our work are measured by their success in meeting the needs of these audiences.

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Strategic Areas

1. Collaborate with faculty and librarians on digital library-related research projects.

2. Explore digital library needs of sciences faculty and develop systems and services to meet those needs.

3. Offer consultation and advisory services to faculty and staff. These services will include:

  • Digital Project Development
  • Digitization of text, images, audio, and video
  • Metadata creation and encoding
  • Usability

4. Support Statewide planning for digital library development and the creation of the Indiana Digital Library

Users throughout Indiana will have access to Indiana's unique cultural and historical heritage through a variety of digital formats and free distribution over the Internet. The IDL seeks to support and enhance education and scholarship for all Hoosiers for increased understanding of Indiana's past and its role in preparing for Indiana's future. (Mission Statement of Indiana Digital Library)

  • Offer digitization services for external customers - especially Indiana cultural heritage organizations
  • Host digital content and metadata for external customers - especially Indiana cultural heritage organizations
  • Explore other services we might provide to these organizations - metadata creation, workshops, and training

5. Support digitization services

  • Work with collection managers to implement a collection digitization plan for the Bloomington campus
  • Explore the digitization of published resources
  • Explore other services we might provide to these organizations - metadata creation, workshops, and training

6. Explore partnership with IU Press and support for electronic publishing

7. Foster and promote digital library education and training

8. Create an institutional repository

9. Develop and provide tools for the creation and use of digital content and metadata

  • Tools to create metadata for a variety of resource types
  • Tools to integrate digital resources into teaching - Variations2/3, EVIA, and Newton

10. Explore issues related to offering digital services on all campuses of Indiana University

11. Improve our infrastructure for digital libraries

  • Participate in inter-institutional collaboration
  • Redesign our digital library architecture and infrastructure

12. Enhance preservation of digital collections and metadata

  • Develop plans to insure the preservation of created digital content and metadata
  • Lead efforts to implement these plans
  • Explore and test methods of digital preservation

13. Improve communication about the services, collections, and research of the Digital Library Program staff

  • Reorganize and redesign the DLP website
  • Improve written documentation to guide the activities of people outside the Digital Library Program who are planning digital projects; post on our website

14. Develop and share open source software to support digital library activities

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