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Student Demonstrations at IU in 1970

Cambodia Strikes: Afterword, May 13

Sutton Responds

In response to pickets at Bryan Hall on Wednesday, May 13, I.U. President Joseph Sutton and Chancellor Byrum Carter decided to hold a question-answer session at the I.U. auditorium.  Because of the overcapacity, with 4,000 students in attendance, the session was broadcast on closed circuit television at Ballantine Hall, Ernie Pyle Hall, and the Business Building.  At the meeting, President Sutton assumed responsibility for bringing police onto campus:  "No matter who called, I am ultimately responsible because I am the University president. I am saying you can blame me...I will admit I should have done that (met with students to discuss issues) and I didn't. I made a mistake; I'm fallible and I confess to it."

Sutton defended demonstrators' right to peaceful pickets: "You can picket all you want to, if you will give me an assurance that you won't prevent people from going about their appointed tasks."  He also defended students' rights to go to class unhindered: "It is as much an obligation of the University to protect those doing something else as to protect those who attend class".