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Bottom row, far left) O.H. Williams, (Bottom row, 6th from left) John C. Breedlove. (Second row, 2nd from left) John R. Carney, (Second row, 7th from left) Hiroto Ichinomiya, (Second row, sitting on wall and looking toward right side of image) Jesse…

Students going home at the conclusion of the 1905-1906 school year.

The caption that runs parallel to the tracks reads, in full: "Homeward Bound In June".

IU President from 1885-1891

Theophilus Wylie was an IU faculty member from 1836-1886. During his 49 year tenure at IU, Theophilus Wylie taught all subjects offered in the curriculum, served for 38 years as librarian, functioned as superintendent of grounds, was the first vice…

IU's first President, serving from 1829-1851.

Mark Helm in center of front row