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Mr. Cowan will design the annotated video plugin for Omeka and select appropriate technologies for building it. He will supervise the Project Developer and coordinate development activities. Mr. Cowan is the Associate Director of Digital Libraries Software Development and manages the activities of system analysts and programming personnel for multiple system development projects in support of Indiana University Libraries. He also coordinates the activities of the digital libraries systems development team and participates in organizing and developing overall strategic plans and architectures for systems supporting digital projects.

Mr. Cowan has extensive experience in developing tools for digital video working as the chief architect of the Ethnographic Video for Instruction and Analysis project which developed the Annotator's Workbench, a video segmentation and annotation tool which can feed it's information to Omeka.


Annotator's Workbench for Windows

Sound Issues with Windows

On Windows installs, you will sometimes get some sound distortions. I have done a little further research on the problems with QT greater than release 7.6.0 and audio. The culprit seems to be an audio controller file in the QTSystem directory of Quicktime. If you install QT 7.6.0 and save the file QuickTimeAudioSupport.qtx (3,224 KB) then install a QT release greater than 7.6.0 you will need to replace its file QuickTimeAudioSupport.qtx(120 KB) with the saved one. The audio worked fine for me on my Windows 7 machine. According to the thread that I found this in, this has been reported as a bug to Apple but no fixes have been made yet. Here's the link to the web site: talking about this problem.

Annotator's Workbench for Macs

AWB Documentation

The Users Guide contains documentation for the general use of the AWB. The Configuration Documentation shows you how to produce a different desktop layout for the AWB.

AWB Users Guide

AWB Configuration Documentation