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Dar es Salaam


This collection of videos represents a broad cross section of popular music found in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


Alex Perullo


Simba Theatre performing at Nyumba ya Sanaa

Simba Theatre is a popular group that performs ngoma music from all over Tanzania. Ngoma music is the traditional music and dance of Tanzania. The performers are: Drummer, James Mbunju (leader of the group), Athumani Ally, Hamed Nancheketa, and Khalid Chiamba; dancers, Franco Mpangala, Hussein Pipi, Salum Francis, Mwanakhamisi Rashid, Angela John, Suzy, Mwahija Mohamed, and Zawadi. Nyumba ya Sanaa is an 'Art House' located in downtown Dar es Salaam next to the Movenpick Royal Palm (formerly the Sheraton Hotel). The Nyumba ya Sanaa was renamed the Mwalimu Nyerere Cultural Centre around 2002, but is still commonly referred to by its original name. The organization that runs the Nyumba ya Sanaa is a non-profit established by former president Julius Nyerere and the CCM (Chama cha Mapinduzi/ Revolutionary Party) government to promote the traditional arts of the country. It sells art, crafts, and features plays and music throughout the week.