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Description: We look at the bank job from the point of view of the master criminal.

Segment: 0:02:26 -- 0:03:37

Segment ID: S1466


Description: Our hero appears delivering flowers.

Segment: 0:02:04 -- 0:02:26

Segment ID: S3538


Segment: 0:01:25 -- 0:02:04

Segment ID: S3133


Description: The chief criminal bribes his fellow gang members to join the heist. The first meeting with Pete involves a series of scenes involving a mask, Pete wearing a hat and a gun, losing his hat and gun. But by the end of the scene getting his hat and gun…

Segment: 0:06:06 -- 0:09:17

Segment ID: S3159


Description: John Payne, the lead actor, was the first person in Hollywood interested in making the James Bond novels into a film series. In 1955, he paid a $1,000 amonth option for 9 months on the Bond novel Moonraker (he eventually gave up the option when he…

Segment: 0:00:00 -- 0:01:25

Segment ID: S7424


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Description: A zip file containing 5 different themes for supporting video. These all require the addition of fields to the Item Type Metadata Moving Image for Segment Start, Segment End, etc. See Tool page for information.

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