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Description: John Payne, the lead actor, was the first person in Hollywood interested in making the James Bond novels into a film series. In 1955, he paid a $1,000 amonth option for 9 months on the Bond novel Moonraker (he eventually gave up the option when he…

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Segment ID: S3133


Description: Our hero appears delivering flowers.

Segment: 0:02:04 -- 0:02:26

Segment ID: S3538


Description: We look at the bank job from the point of view of the master criminal.

Segment: 0:02:26 -- 0:03:37

Segment ID: S1466


Segment: 0:03:37 -- 0:04:02

Segment ID: S6746


Description: A look at Pete the first gang member recruited by the master criminal. Pete is the nervous type.

Segment: 0:04:02 -- 0:06:06

Segment ID: S2933


Description: The chief criminal bribes his fellow gang members to join the heist. The first meeting with Pete involves a series of scenes involving a mask, Pete wearing a hat and a gun, losing his hat and gun. But by the end of the scene getting his hat and gun…

Segment: 0:06:06 -- 0:09:17

Segment ID: S3159


Description: Tony, played by character actor Lee Van Cleef, maybe most famous for being the Bad in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. This was a Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Western.

Segment: 0:09:17 -- 0:10:22

Segment ID: S8763


Description: Boyd, played by Neville Brand, is the last member to be recruited.

Segment: 0:10:22 -- 0:11:00

Segment ID: S9440


Description: The timing plays an important role in the heist. Consequently, the appearance of the clock to remind us of the care the master criminal took in casing the bank. By pulling up in a paneled truck that is similar to the one our protagonist uses to…

Segment: 0:11:00 -- 0:12:56

Segment ID: S5726