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Sheet Music Consortium - Metadata Mapping Tool

Metadata Mapping Tool
Hosted by Indiana University

Upload a File

Upload a File

Where are you planning on hosting the mapped XML file?

Once you are done filling out the XML file location and collection/mapping name, please check that the link placed before the upload button is correct. If not, you will need to edit these fields.

NOTE: The XML filename will be the collection/mapping name you provide.

Log In to Manage Data Mappings

Log in to see only the data mappings from your institution and allow only those from your institution to use and edit your data mappings.

Mapping Name

The Mapping Name should be based on your collection name - we recommend one collection per uploaded file. If you have multiple collections, create one mapping for each collection. You can save each data mapping for later use with that collection.

For example, Indiana University's Starr and DeVincent collections would be uploaded in 2 separate files with 2 separate data mappings.

The mapping name is used to name the .xml file produced from the mapping (spaces are stripped). Spaces and capitalizations are preserved in the repository name field within the .xml file.

Supported File Types

See Preparing files to upload for information on the best ways to construct files with mappable and discoverable data.